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What is Wild Warp?Wild Warp is a Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft server built from the ground up by a closely knit community.

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What is Wild Warp?
Wild Warp is a Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft server built from the ground up by a closely knit community. A one-size-fits-all scenario has never been our goal. Instead, we focus on one single aspect of the game – survival – and try our best to meet the needs of a diverse community. There are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met!

Basic Server Info:
Server Name: Wild Warp
Version: Minecraft 1.15.2
Server IP: play.wildwarp.com
Server Website: https://www.wildwarp.com
Discord: https://discord.wildwarp.com

Server Info:
Our server is brand new – and we have no intentions on resetting any time soon!
Overworld Size: 25k x 25k
Nether Size: 10k x 10k
**our Nether will reset upon 1.16 release**
End Size: 10k x 10k

What Does “Semi-Vanilla" Mean?
While our main focus is keeping our server as close to original Minecraft as possible, we have taken the opportunity to add data-packs that will make your overall experience with Minecraft even more enjoyable while still keeping the flavor of Vanilla Minecraft.

More Mob Heads by Vanilla Tweaks
Dragon Drops Elytra by Vanilla Tweaks
Silence Mobs by Vanilla Tweaks
Universal Dyeing by Vanilla Tweaks
Shulker Respawn by MadCatHoG


Grief Prevention
We love seeing all the beautiful creations our community works hard to build. Because of that, we prioritize protecting everyone’s builds with plugins that can both protect builds as well as help staff find the culprits should a thief find their way into someone else’s belongings.

Voting Perks
To thank our community for voting for our server, we provide prizes, such as a vote dollar and voting tier ranks that reflect your total amount of votes, that give our players a colorful way to play! You can use your vote dollars to buy prizes from our vote shop at spawn and save them up to earn super cool prizes, like special enchants!

Player Shops
Giving players an easy way to exchange items is one of our top priorities. To meet these needs, Wild Warp has created the Shopping District – a separate world dedicated solely to player shops! After obtaining the CASTER vote rank, players will be able to erect from an empty plot – their very own shop! Within each shop, players can barter their items for any other form of currency they desire. The Shopping District will open shortly after our release.

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