Votifier Guide

This guide will show you how to setup Votifier on your Minecraft server so you can start rewarding players for voting. This guide assumes you have a single server setup.

If you have an advanced server network take a look at the NuVotifier official setup guide for all setup types.

Setting up Votifier v2 (NuVotifier)

NuVotifier is an updated Votifier plugin that is dropin compatible. Download the plugin from the official resource link here.

  1. Drop the downloaded .jar file into your plugins folder and restart the server. This will create a folder called Votifier inside your plugins folder.
  2. Open the file named config.yml and find random string of characters under tokens as displayed in the picture this is your votifier token.
  3. Votifier token underlined in config.yml
    Votifier token underlined in config.yml

Adding Votifier to your server listing

  1. Go to the server dashboard and open the server you want to edit or click add server
  2. Fill out your server details and go down to the Votifier Section
  3. Put in the public ip address of your server and the port default is 8192. You can check the config.yml file for a custom port if you changed it.
  4. Put the votifier token from the config.yml and select Votifier v2
  5. Click Test Connection to check and make sure the test vote went through.
  6. Votifier section filled out in server details
    Votifier section filled out in server details

Now everytime a player votes on our website we will let your server know so you can reward them.

Everything else you need to get running

Votifier itself does not reward players it only sets up the framework to do so. If that's something you want to do we recommend taking a look at adding these plugins also:
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