MC-Lockup Classic Prison

Classic Prison from the old MC days, If you are sick of the over-saturated OP prison mode then this is the place for you!

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32 custom environment ranks! - Each rank and mine has a custom built environment! this means that no mine or area looks the same. no more boring OP maps!
Lucky Mines! - When you mine you have a chance at getting multiple loot items!
Custom Mob Arena! - We have built a custom mob area with custom item drops and mob bosses. We dont use MobArena plugin so this will be new for you!
PVP Arena! - You can fight it out in a massive open world Wild Western or Gladiator PvP Arenas!
Lockup Islands! - You can have your own Island at Rank D, excellent for playershops!
Prison Cells! - There are 3 levels of cells in each wing so you can choose where you want to rent!
FreePlay Area! - A freeplay area where you can build in safety with friends OR built in the PvP enabled area to fight each other and overrun forts!
Secret Shop! - Each rank has a shop to sell items to, but there is a secret shop where you can sell items worth double the price! IF you can find it
Prison Guards! - We have prison guards for when we need to keep order in our prison!
Key Crates! - we have 8 different crates to choose from to get items!
Drugs! - Want to make your own drugs? You can! just don't let the guards catch you!

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