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WHAT IS CATCRAFT? : CatCraft is a survival Minecraft server that aims to be one of the very best, without being overly complicated. Our goal is to provide players with a unique place to play survival with their friends. We put our community first and aim to keep it that way; with simple, engaging, and entertaining updates for all players.

OUR GOAL : We strive to ensure that players are always having a great time. One of our core goals is to create an active minecraft server centered around creating lifelong friendships.

SEMI VANILLA EXPERIENCE: We are committed to keeping the vanilla minecraft feel and will more than likely never add any game modes (Towny, Factions, Prisons, etc). We pride ourselves on listening to our community and wholeheartedly welcoming opinions and feedback in improving the server. If we are going to change anything on catcraft, a poll is almost always run on our discord server, to see how the community feels about it.

Key Features:
• 1.16 Survival with the new NETHER update.
• Player driven economy (main currency being diamonds)
• An awesome market alley completely run on player-trading shops.
• Biome selector for both the overworld and the nether.
• Overworld will never reset.
• Grief protection and lots of claiming blocks.
• Active, friendly, and mature staff (all from different time zones)
• Server wide events (Pirate day is the upcoming event, scheduled for next month).
• Fully rendered server map.
• Beautiful and mind-blowing builds.

CatCraft recently underwent the 1.16 nether update! So, come along and explore the nether on the most fun and enjoyable survival server ever!

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