⌬ Taggernation Season 5 ⌬Changelog: 05/07/2020—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Brand new Earth SMP Map (1:950 scaled)⊷ First time in Indian SMP

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⌬ Taggernation Season 5 ⌬
Changelog: 05/07/2020

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Brand new Earth SMP Map (1:950 scaled)
⊷ First time in Indian SMP history!
⊷ Custom generated terrain.
⊷ 25k x 45k Blocks wide world.
⊷ Go and Discover the Earth in Minecraft.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ New Cyberpunk themed Spawn
⊷ A big A$$ Cyberpunk themed Spaceship hovering over Mumbai, India.
⊷ Build with brand new robust nether materials.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Industrial District warp
⊷ you are only allowed to make your farms in industrial district and other dimensions other than overworld.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Vizag Warp
⊷ The only end portal in whole world you can find at Vizag (Vishakhapatnam, India).
⊷ Cyberpunk themed end portal made up of robust crying obsidian and Netherite.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Gate to Hell Warp
⊷ A Mega Nether portal which is The Darvaza gas crater based in Afghanistan.
⊷ Changed biome from Desert to Crimson Valley.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Hotbar Tool
⊷ A new GUI tool permanently binded to your 9th slot of hotbar.
⊷ Added portable crafting table.
⊷ It has shortcut to warps and hub.
ᗍ we will adding more features in it based on the community response.
ᗍ /voteall shortcut coming soon.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Added Donator and Supporter rank
⊷ Check Our wiki for more information.

—͟͞͞—͟͞͞✧ Changed some rewards
⊷ You will get 500 claim blocks and 1000 in game currency by default.
⊷ Every vote will give you 50 claim blocks and 100 in game currency.

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